Russian Tea Cakes March 01 2018

Russian Tea Cakes

These Russian Tea Cakes are an old family recipe that is easily adapted for those who are gluten free.  Whether using whole wheat or gluten free flour, they always come out soft and delicate and pair excellently with your favorite tea or coffee.  

Our secret ingredient is our Piment d'Ville infused salt.  Rather than hit you upfront with heat, the mild chile adds a depth of flavor that takes these cookies to a whole new level.  

You can also use one of our Aromatic Finishing Sugars for the final powdered sugar coating to add yet another level of aromatics. Simply pulse the sugar in a food processor to get the right powdered consistency and follow the directions as listed in the recipe...  We can't wait to try them with our floral Rose Petal Darjeeling or even Cardamom Pod for an earthy spice.

Russian Tea Cakes Recipe