About Us

We proudly offer three lines in our collection of complements – Aromatic Finishing Sugars, Botanically Infused Salts & Culinary Essential Oils. We make our aromatic complements in small batches with distilled whole-plant aromatics and  ingredients that Mother Nature has finely perfected. Because of our commitment to organic, sustainable farming methods, we meticulously gather our plant-based materials from ecologically-sound sources rooted in transparency from seed to savor. 

Made with integrity and using time-honored traditions, we have cultivated the simplest of ingredients transforming them into balanced flavor & aroma profiles that naturally elevate foods & beverages. We hope to inspire your culinary experiences just as Mother Nature has inspired us.

Our Mission:

It’s our passion to educate and support your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle by empowering your food choices. Our mission is to bring you pure plant ingredients that not only inspire, but enhance the vitality of the body, mind, and soul. Celebrate the plants in a new way, and experience the difference!

We are a caring company that is mindful of where things come from and where they end up, catering to the conscientious consumer living the organic lifestyle. We honor the past and embrace the future, ever-mindful that our collective power shapes our children, our communities, and the beautiful earth.

We believe that producers, suppliers and consumers each play a vital role in the marketplace ecosystem, and we support systems that are able to come full-circle, creating revenue to support the local economy. Like our products, we have mindfully developed our business structure with the intention to further impact the community and to help stabilize food systems locally to globally, and share our philosophy for a healthier tomorrow.


In the words of John F. Kennedy, “the rising tide lifts all the boats.”