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Terre Botanicals is a value added producer. Today's farmers are exploring new options for diversification. We take what they grow and add a little magic—simple & delicious. We support one another whenever we can and we know our customers want to as well.

In addition to our online Mercantile, you can purchase our aromatic comestibles on the Treatmo app and at these other fine establishments. 

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You won't necessarily find our value-added products here, but these are places we've loved supporting and places that have supported us over the years. We hope you'll find value in supporting them too.


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Plants + People = Prosperity

We are a caring company making a pledge to our children and their future. We must look to the past by giving credit to our ancestors, as they were the keepers of the land. We must pass this precious knowledge of resources down to our children, empowering them with the necessary tools to grow and preserve their own food. By doing this, we are planting the seeds for a healthier tomorrow!

"Agriculture is the foundation of civilization, when you improve agriculture, you elevate the whole society."