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Russian Tea Cakes March 01 2018

These Russian Tea Cakes are an old family recipe that is easily adapted for those who are gluten free.  Whether using whole wheat or gluten free flour, they always come out soft and delicate and pair excellently with your favorite tea or coffee.

Russian Tea Cakes

Bay Laurel & Sweet Orange Rosolio January 19 2018

Rosolio Cocktail
Our Rosolio recipe combines two traditional flavors that pair exceptionally well together for a sweet yet refreshing aperitivo that is great by itself or poured over green tea or prosecco.  

A Simple & Decadent Sipping Cocoa Recipe To Enjoy All Year December 21 2017

TB Deluxe Cocoa Blend

Who doesn't love a hot cup of cocoa in the winter while sitting by a warm & gently crackling fire? ...But remember, you can also enjoy a cup of hot {or iced} cocoa year round!

4 Refreshing Botanical Beverage Recipes May 26 2017

Botanical Beverages

Did you know that our plant-based products are great for mixology and cocktail crafting? We've created 4 unique recipes showcasing how to use our products to botanically infuse your beverages in multiple ways.

Green Beans à la French Tarragon Vinaigrette April 19 2017

Dried tarragon often has minimal flavor, and fresh tarragon is not always easy to come by, so having our Tarragon Culinary Essential Oil on hand provides fresh flavor anytime you need it no matter the season. We love the sweet, anise-like, herbaceous flavor profile of this oil, which is potent enough that you only need one or two drops for an entire recipe!

Jasmine Dusted Seared Scallops February 14 2017

Served with Coconut & Brown Jasmine Rice and Ginger Ghee Sautéed Spinach, this delicate meal is perfect for date night!

"Merry Citrus" Meyer Lemon Curd December 09 2016

Here in Arizona, we are lucky enough to have some of the best citrus around, and one of our favorite things to make are citrus curds! For this recipe, we used some excellent Meyer Lemons from McClendon's Select to feature at "The Handmade Holidays" Farmers' Market series. Enjoy!

French Picnic Eggs May 31 2016

This is a wholesome summer snack that holds up well for a day at the park or beach, on a leisurely hike, or at a backyard picnic. Make it a nice, light meal with an accompaniment of dijon mustard and asparagus or chilled steamed green beans tossed with a light vinaigrette.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake May 31 2016

If you didn't tell someone that there is zucchini in this cake, they would never know the difference!

Grapefruit Green Tea May 31 2016

This is our unique take on a refreshing sweet tea. We love to pair citrus with green tea, especially our Ruby Grapefruit and Mandarin Dragon Well Aromatic Finishing Sugars, but the combinations and possibilities are endless, so don't be afraid to play around with it.

Cool As A Cucumber Salad May 31 2016

When the hot summer sun gives you cucumbers, turn them into a refreshing salad that'll cool you down!

New Old-Fashioned Chocolate Soda May 31 2016

A new take on an American classic that has been declining in popularity, this version of a Chocolate Soda will leave you feeling that old-timey spirit but with a slightly healthier mix of ingredients that isn't overwhelmingly sweet. Of course, a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream is the cherry on top of this spirited beverage!

Summer Squash & Zucchini Soup May 31 2016

This soup is excellent served hot, chilled, or at room temperature.  When serving, be sure to add an extra drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of Herbs de Provence Salt over the top!

Tomatoes Three Ways with our Botanically Infused Salts May 31 2016

As tomato season approaches, be sure you've got plenty of recipes in your arsenal to make the most of the sweet, ripe bounty that awaits.

Piment d'Ville Popcorn May 31 2016

One of our favorite go-to snacks is this Piment d'Ville popcorn. It is incredibly flavorful and tastes indulgent, but is still light and healthy. This recipe makes plenty to share – or not, if you'd prefer to have it all to yourself!

Market Fresh Compote May 24 2016

Anyone with a fruit tree in their yard can relate to having more produce than they can possibly consume in a season... or maybe there's just that little basket of berries or a few oranges that go unnoticed for a few days in the fridge and are now past their prime for eating.  

Whatever the case, they don't need to go to waste as long as you've got some tricks up your sleeve like these guidelines for making a fruity {or savory} compote.  

Jasmine Roasted Stone Fruit May 24 2016

We've just finished harvesting the remainder of our nectarines, but we're still waiting on a plethora of our plums and peaches to ripen to perfection...

Ginger Lemonade February 04 2016

You may have been wondering why you haven’t heard much from us lately.  The reason for that is… Our office has moved!

Sweet Orange Ricotta Tart — From our friends at Hamptons Lane December 18 2015

This recipe by Hamptons Lane perfectly showcases three excellent ways to use our sugar all in one exquisite recipe.

Stop and Taste the Roses — Recipes for Valentine's Day February 09 2015

Stop and taste the roses this Valentine's Day with these floral recipes...

Sweet Dog Botanical Beverage November 17 2014

One of the first cocktails made with our Ruby Grapefruit Aromatic Finishing Sugar, this botanical beverage exhibits a refreshing burst of sweet citrus.

Cocoa Cupcakes with Mint Mascarpone Crème October 07 2014

Although still rich and delicious, these cupcakes are made lighter with a very simple mascarpone crème in place of a heavy, sugary frosting. You can have your cake and eat it too, and trust us, you'll want to savor this one!

Apricot, Almond & Rose Petal Upside Down Cake September 12 2014

Roses, almonds, and apricots... all from the same family tree!

Ruby Red Grapefruit Pound Cake September 12 2014

Just because it is still summer doesn't mean we can't fantasize about the cooler months to come. After all, grapefruit season will be here in a pinch!

Strawberry & Lavender Cornmeal Shortcakes September 11 2014

Gather the last of the strawberries in the season to make these sweet and decadent shortcakes.

Lazy Day Plum & Cardamom Cobbler September 08 2014

Naturally, the idea came to bake on a lazy and rainy day such as this.

Fig & Manchego Bread Salad: Recipe from Claudio Urciuoli featured in the Arizona Republic August 15 2014

The following is a naturally sweet and savory recipe written by Chef Claudio for the Arizona Republic.

Punitions – French Shortbread Cookies August 01 2014

If you are sweet on shortbread, like we are, then you'll love this recipe for French butter cookies, also known as Punitions.

Photo Courtesy: Smitten Kitchen

Rose Petal Lassi July 17 2014

Cool your body and your mind with this refreshing Rose Petal elixir.

Melon & Mint Agua Fresca July 10 2014

If it's hot or muggy where you live, you'll want to try this cooling drink recipe for Melon & Mint Agua Fresca featuring our Garden Mint Aromatic Finishing Sugar.


Farro & Ricotta Pancakes with Meyer Lemon Blueberry Compote June 12 2014

Celebrate the men in your life this Father's Day by treating them to homemade pancakes! We've teamed up with our friends over at Modern Day Forager to bring you this simple-to-make and easy-to-eat summery stack of savory and sweet that we're certain your favorite men will love.  

Angel Food Cake with Grapefruit Curd April 12 2014

If you live in Arizona, chances are you still have an abundance of fragrant citrus that you're wondering what do to with. How about a divinely refreshing Grapefruit Angel Food Cake? 

grapefruit sugar

Cardamom & Cacao Nib Cookies April 03 2014

While it is still cool enough to turn on the oven, try this delightful cookie recipe that will warm the soul. 

cardamom sugar

Almond Cake with Meyer Lemon Botanical Syrup March 16 2014

The recipe for this incredibly moist cake is an Almond Cake made with our Meyer Lemon Aromatic Finishing Sugar.


Velvet Lavender Apple Crisp March 16 2014

Enjoy our recipe for Velvet Lavender Apple Crisp that was featured in Edible Phoenix magazine.

Velvet Lavender Apple Crisp

Cardamom Pear Crisp March 16 2014

This Cardamom Pear Crisp features our Terre Botanicals Cardamom Sugar.  It's perfect for the fall and best served warm from the oven, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, salted caramel gelato, or crème fraîche.