The Still Room

Originally, the Still Room was a very important part of the ancient household. It was a distillery room found in most great houses, castles and large establishments throughout Europe dating back to medieval times where home-brewed beer and wine was often made, and where plants from the garden and countryside were used to preserve and flavor foods and beverages. In the Still Room, herbs were also processed into what we know today as essential oils, by methods of infusing, distilling or brewing the plant materials used in everyday life. In essence, the still room was part science lab and part kitchen.

Amidst a lifelong journey of studying and learning from the plants, we at Terre Botanicals have evolved into true “tastemakers”, unveiling the plants in their purest form to bring flavors forward. We’ve put a modern twist on an age old process and practice these time-honored traditions to inspire creativity, hone intuition, and reflect the pace of the pastoral life.

Botanical Sourcing:

When we make a decision to partner with agriculturists, producers, manufacturers, suppliers or retailers; we look for their authenticity through transparency, traceability, sustainability, and best practices. We are fortunate to work with the best people that are creating economic opportunities while improving the quality of life for others. It starts with our food & farming friends ultimately, and helping them find their way to you!

Whenever possible, we strive to procure certified organic herbs and spices from sources that take an uncompromising stand when it comes to the protection and sustainability of our natural world and the delicate systems which balance all life as we know it. Through common consensus we all hope to encourage an ecological practice within businesses and communities, where more is given than is taken.

For decades we have foraged for the purest botanicals and essential oils, working with growers and distillers from six continents. Our ingredients are ethically produced and are free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and are backed with Certificates of Analysis, Specifications and MSDS documentation.


TB | TidBits:

Eat healthy, whole and minimally processed foods 80% of the time, and mindfully indulge 20% of the time. For more flavor, grow herbs and edible flowers, and shop Farmers' Markets to stock the very best ingredients in your pantry! Lower your sugar intake by cutting out a third of the sugar called for in your favorite recipes. When baking, go for whole grain flours and experiment with the organic, ancient, heirloom varieties, use raw nuts, fresh fruits, and most of all, let the seasons be your guide when flavors and nutrients are truly at their peak.