Cultivating Love - A Valentine’s Day Menu for YOU or TWO January 20 2017


Aromatic Adventures & the Treasures of Taste - Arabian Nights

We gals at Terre Botanicals know that you don’t need a significant other to be surrounded by love, especially when showing love for yourself. And what better way to do that than with an enticing meal that will take you on an exotic aromatic journey.

There are many foods that have been revered in worldly history and culture for their symbolism and meaning in addition to their aphrodisiacal qualities.  Our Valentine’s Day menu suggestions incorporate a few of these foods, like…



Terri, our founder, always says, “Roses are what love tastes like,” and we aren’t just talking about romantic love here. Historically, rose oil has been revered for its use as an aphrodisiac, but also for calming and anti-depressant effects.  It was also popularized by the Egyptians for use in religious ceremonies.


Ginger, with its warming spiciness, was used in folk medicine in ancient times to increase blood circulation and calm digestive upset, and also associated with passion, success, and wealth. 


Appropriately called the “Queen of the Night,” Jasmine’s white flowers are most fragrant at night.  It often represents purity and elegance, explaining why it is known in some cultures as the most significant flower used in wedding ceremonies.


Vanilla is anything but plain and mundane.  Vanilla beans grow on an orchid-like vine that blooms only one day a year and must often be pollinated by hand. No wonder its enticing aroma has been sought after for centuries!


Whether it’s the aphrodisiacal qualities, symbolic significance or simply the aromatic and exotic flavors of this menu that appeal to you, remember, it’s a Valentine’s Day feast fit for two, or just YOU.  So, join us and discover the Treasures of Taste of the Arabian Nights…


APPETIZER & BEVERAGE: Rose Petal Darjeeling Cordial Served with Aromatic Cured Olives, Triple-Crème Cheese & Local Honey

Rose Petal Darjeeling Cordial

Aromatic Cured Olives

MAIN COURSE:  Jasmine Dusted Seared Scallops Served with Coconut & Brown Jasmine Rice & Ginger Ghee Sautéed Spinach
Jasmine Seared Scallops
Coconut Brown Jasmine Rice
Ginger Ghee Sauteed Spinach
DESSERT COURSE:  Toasted Vanilla Chocolate Truffles
Toasted Vanilla Chocolate Truffles