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A Fresh Garden At Your Fingertips... March 07 2017

Inspired by local farming and eating with the seasons, we like to say that our plant-based products are like having "a fresh garden at your fingertips." 

From preserving to roasting, and cocktails to salads, our Aromatic Finishing SugarsBotanical Savory Blends, and Culinary Essential Oils will truly transform your everyday recipes, adding layers of flavor with ease and simplicity. 

So, here's "the Scoop" on many different ways you can use our products, and don't forget to check out some of our favorites on our Recipe Library...

Coffee & Tea

Strawberries & Lavender: Springtime Soulmates March 18 2016

The warm beautiful weather we have had here in Phoenix is beginning to coax the strawberries from light green to their brilliant deep shade of red as spring approaches. The array of flowers is becoming ever more plentiful as well, especially one of our favorites, lavender. Strawberries and lavender are companion plants, meaning they grow very well near each other. It just so happens that lavender and fresh strawberries also make a wonderful flavor pairing whose sweet, bright and floral notes complement our beautiful spring weather very well.

Grab a few extra lemons off the tree, and make a fragrant strawberry lavender lemonade by tossing fresh strawberries with our Lavender Fleur Aromatic Finishing Sugar and muddling them with the lemon juice. Top it off with some cold water and ice, and you’ve got a quintessential spring beverage begging to be enjoyed outside in the soft sunlight.

For another recipe featuring this decadent duo, check out our Strawberry Lavender Cornmeal Shortcakes in the Recipe Library.  Enjoy!



SUGAR & SPICE: Terre Botanicals Brings You New Collections November 24 2015

We took your suggestions to heart, and our team has been hard at work creating our new provisions company, Terre Botanicals, bringing you the very best aromatics for food and drinks. A spoonful of sugar was simply not enough, so we have carefully crafted new offerings of aromatic finishing sugars, botanical savory blends, and culinary essential oils. Our new provisions are now dressed in rice paper eco-packaging, which parallels our philosophy of caring for the beautiful Earth.  They are available for sale here on our website, at various retail locations, and at the Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market on Saturdays.

We will not be at the farmers market this Saturday the 28th over the Thanksgiving holiday, but come see us the following weekend on December 5th.

Together we will Cultivate, Cook, Craft, and Celebrate new discoveries of taste as we cross the bridge to our new brand, Terre Botanicals. Be on the lookout for updates, new recipes, and ideas on how to use our new comestibles!