Bay Laurel & Sweet Orange Rosolio January 19 2018

Rosolio Cocktail

Rosolio is an old-fashioned Italian liqueur that went overlooked for quite some time, but has made a comeback in the last few years.  One likely reason for this comeback is its versatility, in that it can be made from many different herbs, spices and botanicals.

A rosolio made with rose petals is simply called "Rosolio," but if made with other botanicals, the variation is often specified in the name.  The Italian name for a rosolio made with bay laurel, for example, is "Rosolio di Alloro," and for one made with oranges—"Rosolio all'Arancia."

Our Rosolio recipe combines these two traditional flavors that pair exceptionally well together for a sweet yet refreshing aperitivo that is great by itself or poured over green tea or prosecco.


Bay Laurel & Sweet Orange Rosolio