"May Flowers & May Showers" at the Uptown Farmers Market May 24 2016


Our very own Terre Botanicals founder, Terri Nacke, will be at the Uptown Farmers Market tomorrow – Wednesday, May 25th – from 9:30am-11:00am celebrating “May Flowers & May Showers.” 

She’ll share her love of the garden & cooking using edible flowers while featuring Terre Botanicals’ Aromatic Finishing Sugars which Mother Nature has finely perfected. She will demonstrate a decadent recipe for Lavender Fleur & Strawberry Compote as we all sip Sparkling Botanical Beverages. We’re so excited to share our new Jasmine Oolong Special-TEA Sugar with Roasted Stone Fruits – that even the bees will be buzzing about!

Check out the recipe links above, and we hope to see you there!