What Are Deluxe Cocoa Blends?

Theobroma cacao

We curate our Deluxe Cocoa Blends using single-origin cocoas—a Haitian cocoa with deep, rich flavor notes and a delicate & earthy Colombian cocoa—creating a perfect balance of flavor & texture for a decadent finish. Each varietal in our collection expresses distinct aromatics selected from the global garden. Great for sweet & savory applications, our Cocoa Blends are an affordable luxury you can feel really good about.

Prized for its medicinal uses by indigenous cultures, Cocoa, or “Theobroma cacao,” translates as “Food of the Gods," and comes from a tropical evergreen tree. Cocoas can vary in flavor based on their varietal, origin, and the fermentation and roasting process used to prepare the bean for processing. The fermentation and drying practices are so important they are even considered part of the “terroir” of the cocoa.

Enjoy our Deluxe Cocoa Blends as sipping cocoas, or use them in meat rubs, dusted over cakes & brownies, in hot or iced coffee, for chilli & mole, as a syrup for ice cream, in ganache and truffles, make a chocolate olive oil spread... or simply eat with a spoon!