Our Collective

collective: n. a business, farm, etc. jointly owned and operated by the members of a group.

Terre Botanicals believes that a vested leadership team is the core foundation for a successful company. We are a devoted collective of individuals who wear many hats to accomplish a shared vision which supports our philosophy of healthy food systems, wellness, and holistic prosperity.

Terri Nacke, Founder & Brand Champion

Terri's personal commitment is to live a healthy lifestyle while connecting with the Earth in a profound way. Terri is a passionate tastemaker who has worked with essential oils for over 30 years, and continues to refine her skills in the culinary arts and plant sciences, bringing exceptional products for your pleasure and sense of good taste. In addition to founding Terre Botanicals, Terri's other roles include community liaison, procurement, and sales & marketing development.

For over 20 years, Terri has championed the local food movement in Phoenix, AZ. Throughout her career, Terri has focused on offering her clients better choices with regard to the foods they put in their bodies and the products they put on them. She runs a variety of eco-educational programs and has collaborated with a plethora of Chefs, Mixologists, Naturopaths and Corporate partners to strengthen the awareness of how the power of plants supports a healthy lifestyle.

Click here for more on Terri's story... To learn more about Terri's Agritourism Venue featuring eco-education experiential programs, click here.

Jamie Balesteri, Communications & Systems Manager

Jamie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition Management with a minor in Sustainability from Arizona State University. As a natural advocate of the local, sustainable food system, Jamie has worked with several key organizations within the food and farmers market community in Phoenix including the Maricopa County Food System Coalition.

She joined Terri's team in 2013, originally utilizing her methodical organizational skills as an intern. Since then, she has chosen to grow alongside the company in multiple departments including operations, social media & website management, and administration. She continues to reflect the vision of Terre Botanicals as a food systems activist, grassfed guru, and through her love of healthy cooking and farming.

Ruth Wall, Design Strategist - Squeeze, Inc.

Owned and operated by Ruth Wall, Squeeze, Inc. is a nationally recognized and award winning design and marketing firm located in Phoenix, AZ. The mission of Squeeze, Inc. is to provide solution based visual communications.