4 Refreshing Botanical Beverage Recipes May 26 2017

Botanical Beverages

Did you know that our plant-based products are great for mixology and cocktail crafting?  

We've created 4 unique recipes showcasing how to use our products to botanically infuse your beverages in multiple ways. You can turn our Aromatic Finishing Sugars into flavorful simple syrups to sweeten beverages like the Jasmine Oolong Bellini or Sweet Dog.  Try rimming a glass of Pressed Heirloom Tomato Water with our Botanically Infused Salts, or add a single drop of our pure Culinary Essential Oils right to a finished beverage like our take on an Arnold Palmer for an herbal, earthy, or citrusy finish.

TB TidBit:  If you prefer a virgin beverage, simply replace the alcohol with sparkling water, or just leave out the spirits altogether. The intoxicating aromas from the botanicals will make your palate pop!

Tomato Water


Grapefruit Sweet Dog


Jasmine Oolong Bellini


Arnie Tee Refresher